Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Flaxette Wins #1 Artisan Bread in CT

FAIRFIELD, CT – Fairfield Bread Company’s Flaxette has taken 1st place in bread at the Connecticut Specialty Food Awards (CSFA) tenth annual Product Awards Competition. A panel of judges consisting of local media personalities, food writers, and chefs scored products on overall taste/flavor, consistency/texture, appeal, and color. “This competition showcases the best of the best in the state,” said Tricia Levesque, CSFA Director.

“It’s gratifying to have our hard work recognized,” said Head Baker and Fairfield Bread Company (FBC) President Michael Mordecai, who started FBC a year ago after developing this unique demi-baguette featuring organic flax. The Flaxette has a caramelized crust with a distinctive crackle, and a tender, springy interior.

Despite being a newcomer to a competitive market, The Flaxette is grabbing attention, and is sold in specialty stores from Black Rock to Darien. It is featured on the menu of The Dressing Room, a top locavore restaurant in Westport started by Chef Michel Nischan and the late actor Paul Newman.

“The CT Department of Agriculture sponsored Specialty Food Awards encourages local artisans to produce at their highest level,” said Mordecai, “Well-crafted food begins with minimally processed ingredients. I use organic ground flax, unbleached and unbromated flours. I love the flavors of the natural grains – and I balance these flavors by using old-world methods of long fermentation and wild yeast.”

Mordecai was inspired by the bread his grandmother used to bake and the bread he tasted traveling with his family in Europe as a child. He attributes the success of FBC to the palate of Fairfield County’s discerning customers. “Our customers have sophisticated taste buds. We use high quality ingredients and put a lot of care into each loaf. That’s what our customers expect. Our goal is to provide our community with first-class bread that tastes great and is naturally nutritious.”

FBC’s Flaxette is made in Fairfield. While the organic ground flax is added to enhance the nutty flavor, its health benefits cannot be overlooked.

Strangers telephone FBC to say “This is the best bread I’ve ever tasted.” And kids love the nutty flavor, natural sweetness, and soft, springy texture.

FBC’s Flaxette is sold in Fairfield at The Pantry, Adams Bakery and the Greenfield Hill farmer’s market, in Westport at Whole Foods Market, Double L Market, and Garelick and Herbs, in Darien at Palmers Market and Whole Foods Market, in Black Rock at Green Gourmet to Go, in Easton at Sport Hill Farm Market, in Bethel at Holbrook farm, and in Southport at Spic and Span Market.

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Oh my God! This is outrageous!"

I loved doing tastings at stores and events. It's great to share the Flaxette with people who've never tried it, and to hear their reactions. I especially love what children say when they taste the Flaxette.

Yesterday, a boy of 12 tasted a slice of the Flaxette and exclaimed, "Oh my God! This is outrageous!" He turned to his sister. "Let's tell Mom."

At the recent Food for Haiti event in Westport, CT, a ten-year-old boy, tore into the loaf his mother bought him like it was was a burrito. He returned to Fairfield Bread Company's booth about five minutes later. "Can we buy you out?" he asked. (Was this a phrase he'd heard his father use?) "Sure," we said, and his mother placed 8 loaves in her tote bag. Luckily, we were able to replenish our basket.

Yesterday, at Palmer's Market in Darien, a more judicious 5 year old boy, urged his mother, who had picked up the Flaxette, to buy an extra loaf. She did.

Our young friend Leila is also a fan of the Flaxette, which she calls "Michael's Bread." She knows what side her bread is buttered on. "May I please have another piece of Michael's bread," ususally works wonders on her parents.

What do your kids say about the Flaxette? We'd love to hear.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Breakfast of Bakers

After I've baked the bread and made my deliveries, it's 9 a.m. and I'm ready for a break. I make a pit stop at home, put a fresh-baked loaf of Flaxette on the cutting board, and bring out the jam.

Lately, before I put a spoon in the jam jar, I spread a slice of Flaxette with Cabot Creamery of Cabot, Vermont's European-style (high fat) unsalted butter. Damn creamy, and the extra calories keep me going.

Then I dip into my selection of homemade, home-picked jams. I've desimated the organic peach with lavender, and now I'm digging into the green tomato with cardomon. I'll let you know what's next.
I'm off to the bakery. What are you putting on the Flaxette?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Darien

The Flaxette makes its debut at Palmers Market Sunday, Feb. 28. Bread baker Michael Mordecia will be giving tastings from 11 to 1. Come by for a taste and to say hello.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today's Bread Basket

"In taste, texture and natural ingredients there is no other like the Flaxette. It's different and delicous. One could become addicted, which, in this case, is the opposite of bad becasue it's good for you."

-- Chilton Ryan

Monday, February 15, 2010

Metro Journalist Loves the Bread

Sherry Cohen of the smart and interesting Metro Journalist Blog, recently wrote about Fairfield Bread Company's The Flaxette. Thank you, Sherry!